About Us

Newport Speakers Club is a self-help group whereby members help those wishing to improve their public speaking, develop their presentation skills, conquer their nerves and lose their fear of facing an audience.

They have a special appeal for those who need public speaking for their job or social activities, but people from all walks of life come along just to find out what we do, and many soon find the warm and friendly atmosphere and entertaining activities becoming a part of their social life.

You'll learn to speak well, and job adverts show that employers need people with good communication skills!

There's no denying it - as a social pastime it's hard to beat!!

Newport Speakers Club opened its doors for the first time in January 2010.  We meet on the first and third Wednesday each month at Llandevaud Village Hall, arriving at around 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start to have a little time for a chat and introductions before the meeting.

You'll find people of all ages, some with little or no experience, but also a wealth of experienced speakers to help you achieve your goals, and a buddy system to help you with speech construction and preparation as well as general guidance and support.

We are affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs, an organisation with around 100 clubs up and down the country that help people develop and improve their communication skills.  We use a structured assignment programme whereby members can choose to do ten basic assignments based on proven techniques to help them become confident and articulate speakers. Ten Steps to Great Speechmaking!

What are Speakers Clubs?  They exist with the aim of giving you a safe environment in which to increase your confidence in speaking to an audience.. A structured 10 step process ensures everyone keeps improving. For example, the level 1 speech is a 5 minute talk on a subject of your choice with no pressure and lots of support from the group.

After the ten basic assignments there are advanced programmes to support you! http://www.the-asc.org.uk/Visitors/vis_prog.htm

The assignment programme is not compulsory and some just come along for the social atmosphere without any pressure to get up and do anything at all except learn and enjoy the experience. It’s really up to you to get involved to the extent that feels right for you.

You''ll learn tips, tricks, techniques, and you'll have fun too!  One member said: “I am really glad I started. My speech making has improved so much. I have met a great new group of people. I really do wish I had started at the beginning of my career.”

Our wide variety of activities includes mock interviews, presentations, "Just a Minute" sessions based on the popular radio program, "Rant" nights, where members can let off steam about a topic which really "gets their goat", practice in dealing with heckling from the audience and the ever popular "Where did you get that hat?" event, where members tell true or false stories about the hat they've brought.

There are also speech contests, evaluation contests, and impromptu speaking contests where members have to speak spontaneously on a previously unprepared topic, as well as the opportunity to chair mini debates, deliver votes of thanks, evaluate other speakers on their speeches, chair meetings, and when you become more experienced to give tutorials.  We all try to help each other improve and achieve our goals through positive feedback.

And it works!  We gradually get rid of our fears and bad speaking habits, and the sheer variety of activities ensures that there is always something new or interesting to do at every meeting.

Why not come and join us?  We meet generally on the first and third Wednesday of each month (though always check the program link on the home page for changes, especially during June, July and August).

After attending two meetings free, you will be asked if you want to join.  Whatever your speaking background you’re sure to enjoy the experience.

We have lost count of the people who say that our club has a really friendly atmosphere which makes it a pleasure to attend.  And remember, your first two meetings are FREE!

There are nearby Speakers Clubs in Cardiff,Cheltenham and Swindon too, but we are the best :-)