500 Speech Titles

If you're lost for a title, why not try one of these: 

500 Speech Titles

1.  110% of people exaggerate.

2.  25 hours a day.

3.  50 shades of grey.

4. A brighter future.

5. A four-day working week.

6. A general theory of shopping.

7. A good loser.

8. A good walk spoiled.

9. A hot potato.

10. A lost cause.

11  A matter of life and death.

12. A new place to dwell.

13. A pinch of salt.

14. A place for everything.

15. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

16. A rose is a rose.

17. A sense of humour is essential.

18. A taste of your own medicine.

19. A walk in the woods.

20. Absent mindedness.

21. Across Europe on kangaroos.

22. Actions not words.

23. Addiction.

24. Adoption for pets.

25. Advantages of three-day weekends.

26. All done with smoke & mirrors.

27. Alternative fuels.

28. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

29. Animals in medical research.

30. Are all men born equal?

31. Are selfies a thing of the past?

32. Are we addicted to social media?

33. Art, music, stress and depression.

34. Artificial hormones in food.

35. Asbestos removal.

36. Attractive and affectionate grave design.

37. Avoid cyber bullying.

38. Banners should be banned.

39. Basic camping skills everyone should know.

40. Basic survival skills for dummies.

41. Beach exploration.

42. Beam me up Scotty.

43. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

44. Beggars can’t be choosers.

45. Being old is under-rated.

46. Beneath the surface.

47. Better to be wise or intelligent?

48. Beyond leaf raking.

49. Big decisions.

50. Bird Flu – the next great plague?

51. Books, TV or both?

52. Boundaries and limits.

53. Breakfast – the best meal of the day?

54. Bric-a-brac shops.

55. Bring back the birch!

56. Bring back the wolf.

57. Building the pyramids – how they did it?

58. Burial or cremation for family pets.

59. By any means necessary.

60. Camping skills everyone should know.

61. Can execution ever be justified?

62. Can money buy happiness?

63. Cat or dog ownership.

64. Caterpillars.

65. Celebrities and privacy rights.

66. Celebrity Chefs.

67. Cell phones and driving.

68. Chess Problems.

69. Children – discipline or punishment?

70. Cholesterol – the good, bad and ugly.

71. Choosing your child’s genetics?

72. Cities are for people not cars.

73. Cliches and word power.

74. Cloning – the pros and the cons.

75. Collectables.

76. Colour affects the way people feel.

77. Comic books – pros and cons.

78. Common sense is not that common.

79. Computer literacy.

80. Conserve our global resources.

81. Consumers and their rights.

82. Contempt of generations.

83. Coping with disappointment.

84. Cosmetic surgery - an uplifting experience?

85. Country life or city life?

86. Crabs.

87. Crowd sourcing for dummies.

88. Dancing the night away.

89. Dark chocolate – why it’s good for you.

90. Designer children.

91. Digital gaming – good or bad?

92. Discrimination.

93. Disposable nappies.

94. DNA testing.

95. Do IQ tests truly measure intelligence?

96. Do pets make good child substitutes?

97. Does money make the world go around?

98. Does the media control our thoughts?

99. Does travel broaden the mind?

100. Don’t just sit there, do something!

101. Donating your body to science.

102. Don't be a chicken!

103. Drinking and driving laws.

104. Eat, drink and be merry

105. Eating organically and your health.

106. Eating out.

107. EBay.

108. E-cigarettes.

109. Embarrassing moments.

110. Endangered species.

111. Every cloud has a silver lining.

112. Every rule has an exception.

113. Exercise and society.

114. Facebook vs face to face encounters.

115. Fairy tales – good or bad?

116. Farmers’ markets.

117.  Fast food restaurants & healthier options.

118. Fast food restaurants and obesity.

119. Fatty junk food – to tax or not to tax.

120. Financial education in schools.

121. Fish farming on a 4 acre plot.

122. Fishing in potholes.

123. Flowers of the garden.

124. Follow the sun.

125. Food additives are dangerous.

126. Fools and their money are easily parted.

127. Forget failure.

128. Fossil fuel alternatives.

129. Free as a bird.

130. Free range produce.

131. Free shelter for the homeless.

132. Freedom of the press!

133. Frogs.

134. Fuel’s paradise.

135. Get artificial hormones out of food.

136. Gifts to treasure.

137. Gluten – is it bad for us?

138. Google and libraries.

139. Green burials.

140. Grey winter days.

141. Grow our own veg – a beginners guide.

142. Happiness: enjoying the little things in life.

143. Happy days

144. Happy ever after.

145. Has technology made life better?

146. Healthy eating tips.

147. High paying jobs or fun jobs?

148. Hippopotomi in Literature & Song.

149. Homelessness.

150. Home-schooling.

151. How did we manage before social media?

152. How does a search engine work?

153. How driverless cars will change the world.

154. How free trade agreements affect workers.

155. How sports can teach you geography.

156. How the day goes by.

157. How to live in the present moment.

158. How to overcome stress.

159. How to punish those who play music too loud.

160. How to win friends and influence people.

161. How will technology affect our future?

162. Human rights: has the pendulum swung too far?

163. Hybrid cars and the environment.

164. Hydraulic fracking – pros & cons.

165. I did it my way!

166. I didn't know you cared.

167. I must go down to the sea.

168. I should have known better.

169. I’d give my right arm to be ambidextrous!

170. I’ll wipe that smile off your face!

171. If I ruled the world.

172. If I were a rich man.

173. If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you 1000 times!

174. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

175. Ill health begins in the mind.

176. Illegal immigrants – what’s the answer?

177. Immigration and terrorism.

178. Improve your time management.

179. In times of crisis.

180. Independence for Scotland/Wales.

181. Innovation.

182. Insects – the food of the future!

183. Insider knowledge.

184. Inspiration versus perspiration

185. Intelligence - environmental or genetic?

186. Internet censorship.

187. IQ tests and human intelligence.

188. Is a paperless society possible?

189. Is all fair in love and war?

190. Is any nation truly independent?

191. Is common sense common?

192. Is digital gaming making our kids lazy?

193. Is everyone really created equal?

194. Is fast food responsible for obesity?

195. Is food preservation technology safe?

196. Is internet censorship ever appropriate?

197. Is it safe?

198. Is there a plan B for an internet crash?

199. Is there too much sugar in our diets?

200. It takes all sorts to make a world.

201. It’s a long road that has no turning.

202. It’s life, but not as we know it.

203. It’s who we are on the inside that counts.

204. Junk food and our bodies.

205. Just one wish.

206. Keep up with internet fraud.

207. Keeping a stiff upper lip’

208. Kind words cost nothing.

209. Kings and Queens.

210. Kittens or puppies?

211. Knitting as a pastime.

212. Knowledge is power.

213. Laughter and livelihood.

214. Laughter is the best medicine.

215. Lawn Games for Dummies.

216. Learning to swim.

217. Legalization of marijuana.

218. Lies, damn lies and statistics.

219. Life in the fast lane.

220. Life was better in the past.

221. The dangers of office parties.

222. Life-changing technologies.

223. Listening to music improves your day.

224. Live in the present moment.

225. Living life on the edge.

226. Living together before marriage.

227. Lost in the forest

228. Loud music on public transport.

229. Love thy neighbour.

230. Luck and success.

231. Lying – the benefits.

232. Make better healthy choices.

233. Manners matter.

234. Marketing to children at Christmas.

235. Mathematics for Dummies.

236. Measuring wealth by possessions.

237 Meat vs fruit and veg.

238. Medicinal marijuana.

239. MeetUp and Speakers Clubs.

240. Mind your language.

241. Minimalism. Time to give it a try?

242. Missed opportunities.

243. Moments run into memories.

244. Money can’t buy you love.

245. Money makes the world go around.

246. More action please!

247. More financial assistance for students.

248. Mp3 music should be free.

249. My big lottery win.

250. My favourite stress relief!

251. My true love sent to me.

252. National Anthems.

253. Negotiating win-win deals.

254. Negotiating with terrorists.

255. Never had it so good.

256. New ways to pamper your pet.

257. Newspaper articles.

258. No friend of mine.

259. Nobody is a “lost cause”.

260. Nostalgia ain’t wot it used to be!

261. Nuclear power and the energy mix.

262. Obesity – a bigger problem than we think.

263. Obesity and weight-watchers clubs.

264. Office parties – the dangers!

265. Oil, oil, everywhere.

266. Online media and our real friends.

267. Organ donation.

268. Origami as a pastime.

269. Our global resources.

270. Over the top.

271. Overdoing it.

272. Owning a horse.

273. Oysters: past and present.

274.P ampering your pet – whatever next?

275. Paparazzi tales.

276. Parents and the great lie – Santa Claus!

277. Parents, truth, and Santa Claus.

278. Parachuting for dummies

279. Peace is possible

280. People should care more about sleep.

281. Personal growth for dummies.

282. Pets for childless people.

283. Photography for dummies.

284. Pit bull terriers – the facts.

285. Plants have feelings too.

286. Pleasure is the path to joy.

287. Plumbing disasters.

288. Pollution and humanity.

289. Pollution at its worst.

290. Positive thinking and your health.

291. Possessions or minimalism.

292. Post it!

293. Potholes are a sign.

294. Prison alternatives – what’s the answer?

295. Prisoners and the vote.

296. Privacy rights must be respected.

297. Private space travel - will it take off?

298. Procrastination.

299. Product testing on animals.

300. Propaganda: is it all bad?

301. Psychologists should have their heads read.

302. Public transportation in the 2020s.

303. Put down your phone; connect with people!

304. Race relations and Brexit.

305. Race relations in Zimbabwe.

306. Rain forests need to be protected.

307. Real learning - in or out of the classrooms?

308. Real news, fake news, and social media gossip.

309. Reality TV.

310. Recycling and the environment.

311. Regular exercise and your health.

312. Reusable bags.

313. Romantic rivers.

314. Safety nets.

315. Scenery to enjoy.

316. School bullies and cyber-bullies.

317. School cafeterias and child obesity.

318. Sea salt and your health.

319. Second-hand smoke.

320. See the good or see the flaws.

321. Self-confidence.

322. Selfies are a thing of the past.

323. Sentimental journey

324. Sex education in schools.

325. Sexy or sleazy?

326. Shopping around.

327. Should gambling or sports betting be illegal?

328. Should pets be spayed or neutered?

329. Should universities help students get jobs?

330. Should violent video games be banned?

331. Should we change the drinking/voting/driving age?

332. Should we spend more on space programs?

333. Silent witness – the future of forensics.

334. Smoking in open public spaces.

335. Snail anatomy.

336. So, where are you from?

337. Social networking – the good and the bad.

338. Soft-touch justice.

339. Solar versus nuclear power.

340. Spa vacations for your pet.

341. Space junk.

342. Space programs -the benefits.

343. Speech gestures – the pitfalls.

344. Spelling skills are dead. Long live txt speak!

345. Stand and deliver!

346. State lotteries should fund education.

347. Steam Railways

348. Stem cells and the future.

349. Stemming the tide.

350. Steroid use – pros and cons.

351. Stomach stapling – pros and cons.

352. Stop putting steroids in animal food!

353. Stop worrying and start living.

354. Stricter laws for endangered species.

355. Subliminal messages in TV ads.

356. awareness – what are the signs?

357. Summer is the best and worst of times!

358. Supermarkets, the hungry, and unused food.

359.Surrogate motherhood.

360. Surveillance cameras in public places.

361. Survival skills for seniors.

362. Suspecte 363.Tactics.

364. Take a sailing vacation!

365. Tattoos – Art or rebellion?

366. Taxes for fatty snacks and junk food?

367.T each a man to fish.

368. Teaching - on-line versus conventional.

369.T eam sports build strong individuals.

370. Technology and our lives.

371. Technology is making people less creative.

372. Temptation.

373. Ten more ways to use a tablet computer.

374. Ten things to know about feminism.

375. Texting, tweeting and English vocabulary.

376. That was the week that was.

377. The advantages of violent video games.

378. The benefits of exercise.

379. The benefits of pets.

380. The blood donor.

381. The boat race.

382. The choicest profession.

383. The dangers of disposable nappies.

384. The dangers of sleepwalking.

385. The dark side of the moon.

386. The fast-food industry.

387. The future of local shops.

388. The grass is always greener.

389. The green, green grass of home

390. The haunted tea cosy.

391. The hazards of ill-fitting shoes.

392. The human quality we need more of.

393. The importance of being earnest.

394. The importance of celebrities.

395. The importance of newspapers.

396. The impossible dream.

397. The ins and outs of tunnels.

398. The internet of things.

399. The joys of cooking.

400. The legal drinking age.

401. The many alternatives of fossil fuel.

402. The media and eating disorders.

403. The media controls what we think.

404. The minimum wage.

405. The miracle of life!

406. The moon landing was a lie.

407. The moon's a balloon.

408. The more we communicate, the less we say.

409. The most important lesson of life.

410. The murmuring of summer seas.

411. The new normal.

412. The next social media development.

413. The night be filled with music.

414. The night is young.

415. The origins of classical music.

416. The promise of genetically engineered food.

417. The pros and cons of legalizing drugs.

418.T he quality we need more of is….

419. The right to education.

420. The secret ingredient.

421. The secrets of belly button fluff.

422. The thrill of victory.

423. The urban person’s guide to camping.

424. The world is a smaller place these days.

425. There is no substitute.

426. Time - from sun clocks to digital watches.

427. Time and tide – make them wait!

428. Tipping the waiter and hairdresser.

429. To be grown up is a state of mind.

430. To err is human. To forgive is divine.

431. To live in the country or the city.

432.Tomorrow will be too late.

433.T oo much salt is bad for your health.

434. Tractors and the men who love them.

435. Traditional books versus eBooks.

436. Transportation - past and future.

437. Trapped in the snow.

438. Trick or Treat?

439. Tricks of the trade.

440.T rue wisdom comes from experience.

441.T ruth or dare?

442. Turn your hobby into a job.

443. Tweeting, texting, and English vocabulary.

444. Twins.

445. Universities and the students’ first job.

446. Unknown unknowns.

447. Violence in schools and on TV.

448. Volunteering for dummies.

449. Walking in your sleep.

450. We need better public transportation.

451. We should all grow our own veg.

452. We will rely on robots.

453. We’ve had the best years!

454. Weeds in a changing world.

455. Well, what are you waiting for?

456. What about the workers?

457. What and who is an average person?

458. What did people do before social media?

459. What I mean is ….

460. What is affordable housing?

461. What is an average person?

462. What is art?

463. What is the new normal?

464. What limits for immigration?

465. What makes snakes good pets?

466. What you should know about feminism.

467. What’s happening in outer space?

468. What’s it all about?

469. What’s the next social media development?

470. What’s the point of fishing regulations?

471. What’s the point of music?

472. What’s the point of reading books?

473. Whatever next?

474. What's bugging you?

475. What's new?

476. When did you last do something new?

477. When is lying a good thing?

478. Where does fluff come from?

479. Whirlwinds and whirlpools.

480. Whistle-blowers.

481. Why college isn’t for everyone.

482. Why do you wake in the morning?

483. Why have a three-day weekend?

484. Why should people dance more?

485. Why save endangered species?

486. Why shop at your local stores?

487. Why snakes are good pets.

488. Why study photography?

489. Why we should live life spontaneously.

490. Why you should read fifty shades of grey.

491. Why you shouldn’t wear high heels.

492. Will studying abroad benefit your future?

493. Will the internet be the death of newspapers?

494. Winning is not as important as trying your best.

495. Wise or intelligent?

496. With a little help from my friends.

497. Word pictures in speeches.

498. World internet crash - do we need a plan B?

499. Yesterday.

500. You mark my words!