"Let fear help you speak, not stop you from speaking"

How to Join

 Why Join?

There are many reasons why people join Speakers Clubs:

To build confidence

To gain a promotion

To be recognised and noticed

To network

To socialise and meet new friends

To do better at job interviews

To expand creativity and imagination

To get back on track after a career break

To make a speech at a wedding or ceremony

Whatever your reasons for joining, you'll find all of those things and more with us!

Dale Carnegie wrote; “When you face a problem, solve it then and there if you have the facts necessary to make a decision. Don't keep putting off decisions.”

So don't think of reasons why not to do it; you've nothing to lose.  You can visit us twice free to see if it suits you.

Memberships Fees are £40.00 a year (cash or cheque), renewed annually from the date of your first payment.

Hope to see you soon!

You'll also find us on Meetup, and we encourage all our NSC members to sign up for that - it cost's nothing - but we're limited to 50 Meetup members and so we ask those who join us on Meetup but don't attend our meetings to consider making way for others when we're near to our 50 member limit.